Photographer Jim Wright on  Cigar Aficionado  photo shoot with Jay-Z.. 

Photographer Jim Wright on Cigar Aficionado photo shoot with Jay-Z.. 

Cigar Aficionado  photo shoot with Jay-Z.

Cigar Aficionado photo shoot with Jay-Z.


My role starts with shoot conception and ends with published pieces.  I sketch or create storyboards for each shoot and source talent (photographers, stylists, groomers, prop stylists and models), locations and props tailored to each idea.  I produce each shoot—ensuring logistics from contracts and certificates of insurance to transportation and catering run as smoothly as possible—and provide organized call sheets and visual samples in advance of the shoot as well as photo direction on set.  Then, with the mechanics out of the way, in concert with a hand-picked team, the focus is on collaborating to create impactful imagery. 

These shoots included everything from large-scale celebrity shoots with Jay-Z and Matthew McConaughey to exploring the cigar industry in Havana, race car country clubs, duck hunting or sensitively investigating the long-term unemployed and individuals struggling with the costs of pre-existing health conditions.

Challenges included how to make real blood look appetizing, where to source antique transportation models, how to pull off a modern twist on Dutch vanitas painting and how to tackle non-visual personal finance concepts like identity theft and car insurance.

Locations ranged from travel stories exploring the culinary scene in Paris, Spain, Piedmont and Venice to idyllic days spent on a Northern California apple farm or the oyster industry in the Florida Panhandle.